V I S I O N   R E T R E A T :   M O N A C O 
Morinda's 2016 Vision Retreat - an event held annually for top qualifying independent product consultants - was held in the city-state of Monaco. Despite being among the tiniest countries in the world, Monaco is famous for it's affluence, the Monte Cristo Casino and Formula 1 racing. For this event, we wanted to create an identity that celebrated the unique culture and mystique of Monaco. We also wanted to find a way to inject the event branding with the unique story and culture of Morinda, with strong ties to French Polynesia.
To create an aesthetic that seamlessly combined French Polynesian culture with Monaco culture, I took the iconic style of a playing card and infused traditional Tahitian imagery and symbolism.
An event Guidebook was created in order to help attendees more fully enjoy the event. The guidebook included in-depth information about the content being presented, as well as agendas, information about transportation, and things to do during their visit to Monaco.
Among the gifts that were given to attendees was a custom deck of playing cards. Again, my goal was to find a way to integrate the French Polynesian aesthetic utilized by Morinda with the distinctive style of Monaco. 
Creative direction, graphic design, Illustration: Scott Fuhriman
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