N E W A G E   C A T A L O G 
Following a merger that took place in 2019, our first product catalog had some heavy lifting to do. Our product portfolio had expanded significantly and we needed to find a way to create a catalog that felt cohesive, while still giving each product brand it's own space. For many of the people on our mailing list, this would be their first introduction to some of these brands.
With my team of designers, we developed a grid layout that would allow plenty of flexibility. Some of the brands had been around for a long time and had a lot of photography to draw from. Other brands were fairly new and we, therefore, had fewer assets to use. The layout we designed allowed us to have variety from brand to brand, but still made for a consistent, comfortable viewing experience.
Creative Direction: Scott Fuhriman, Mieka Barlow  |  Graphic Design: Scott Fuhriman, Gary DeMille, Kelsey Halling, Chad Keliiliki, Eric Butterfield  |  original photography: Sydney Kang
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