M O R I N D A   G L O B A L   B U S I N E S S   S U M M I T :   T O K Y O
Morinda's 2018 Global Business Summit, an annual event for all independent product consultants worldwide, took place in Tokyo Japan. This was the first time in company history that a Global Business Summit would be held outside the United States. There was a strong desire to highlight that fact by leaning into the Japanese culture and aesthetic.
In consultation with Morinda's Japanese marketing team, I created the logo, branding, and presentations for the event. Due to the nature of this type of event, multiple versions of the logo were created for use in different locations and formats.
The event took place at a venue in Tokyo that had five outdoor display cases. The venue was close in proximity to Tokyo's Disneyland, so there was a high amount of foot traffic. We made arrangements to place these posters in those display cases in order to drum up interest and also as a sneak preview of the general session content for  the conference attendees.
Throughout the venues where the event took place, the following signs provided additional branding and helped guide attendees through the different experiences.
The general sessions of the event consisted of on-stage presentations displayed on a large, custom-built screen. I worked in collaboration with speakers to build immersive presentation decks, and arranged for on-site rehearsals. During the event, I ran their graphics for them as they spoke to create a seamless entertaining, and educational show.
creative direction, design, illustration, executive producer: Scott fuhriman
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